A Message from the Chair



The University of Tsukuba will celebrate its 50th anniversary next October. Already, more than 4,000 graduates are active in the medical field, educational and research institutes, and administrative fields across the country. What distinguishes the University of Tsukuba School of Medicine from other medical schools? It is to “play a leading role in medical education innovation”. To this end, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba, has constantly introduced new educational methods and strived for continuous improvement. In 2004, the “New Tsukuba Method” was introduced, and the core of the curriculum was problem-solving tutorial education for the lower grades and participatory clinical clerkship for the upper grades. In addition, an advanced curriculum for learning community medicine and multi-professional collaboration, and opportunities for students to engage in full-time research activities and overseas clinical training have been introduced. It is devised so that students can pursue their own diverse possibilities. Recently, in 2015, we received accreditation for medical education by JACME, and competencies for graduation were formulated. As a result, the six areas that medical students should acquire upon graduation (professionalism, scientific thinking, communication, clinical practice, medical sociality, and future development capabilities) and the steps to reach them are clarified. In addition, in the COVID-19 crisis from 2020, a hybrid method of face-to-face classes and online classes has been established, making it possible to implement education that combines the advantages of both.


In the entrance examination, in addition to the conventional entrance examination, several special entrance examination programs have been introduced, allowing students with diverse backgrounds to enter. Furthermore, from this academic year, students from the school of comprehensive studies have joined us and started learning medicine.


So far, I have only talked about studying and entrance exams, but in fact, the greatest features of the University of Tsukuba are its vast campus surrounded by nature and its global environment, where students and researchers gather from all over Japan and around the world. I sincerely hope that medical students will work hard with their friends in this blessed environment, accumulate various experiences, and expand their full possibilities.


April 2022

Chair Yosuke TAKEI